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Helpful websites

There are many companies and organizations that provide valuable information and resources relevant to grain bin safety. If your company or organization would like to have your site added to the list, send us an email to review.

University and extensions

Farm & Ranch Extension in Safety and Health 

Iowa Center for Agricultural Safety & Health (I-CASH) 

Iowa State University Extension – Ag Safety

Ohio State University Extension – Ag Safety 

Ohio State University Extension – Bin Rescue 

Oklahoma State University Extension – Stored Products Research and Education Center 

Pennsylvania State Extension – Ag Safety 

Purdue University Extension 

Purdue University Extension – Grain Safety

Purdue University Extension – Managing Dry Grain in Storage 

Purdue University Extension – Managing Grain for Year-Round Storage 

University of Illinois Extension 

University of Nebraska-Lincoln                                      

Government resources

Farm and Ranch Safety & Health Association (FARSHA) 

Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health 

Iowa Fire Service Training Bureau 

National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) – Agricultural 

OSHA – Agricultural Operations 

OSHA – Grain Handling 


Brock Grain Systems 

Grain Systems, Inc. (GSI) 

KC Supply Co. 

Sukup Manufacturing Co. 

Industry groups

Asmark Institute 

Grain Elevator and Processing Society 

Grain Net 

National Grain and Feed Association 

Progressive Ag Foundation 

Safety and Technical Rescue Association 

Safety organizations

Agricultural Safety & Health Council of America (ASHCA) 


Children’s Ag Safety Network (CASN

Grain Entry Prevention 

Grain & Feed Association of Illinios 

Grain Safety 

National Ag Safety Database (NASD) 

National Children’s Center for Rural & Agricultural Health & Safety 

National Farm Medicine Center 

National Education Center for Agricultural Safety

North American Guidelines for Children’s Agricultural Tasks 

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