Nominate your fire department to win a grain rescue tube

2015 Grain Rescue Tube Winners 

“How do we say thank you enough?” “Our community will feel safer knowing we have this equipment.” ”We'll share our new tube and what we've learned with others.”

These are just a few of the comments we heard from the 12 winning fire departments in our second annual Nominate Your Fire Department Contest, held in conjunction with Grain Bin Safety Week.

In 2014, the contest awarded a rescue tube and training to the Westphalia (KS) Fire Department.

Dan Neenan, director of the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety (NECAS), provided hands-on training to 11 of the departments using a state-of-the-art grain entrapment simulator. Loaded on a 20-foot trailer and able to hold approximately 100 bushels of the grain, the simulator is the perfect training ground to learn specialized recue techniques.  

The Badger Fire Department was trained by South Dakota Wheat Growers technical rescue team using a similar grain entrapment simulator. 

“Nationwide is bringing awareness to agricultural safety issues,” says Nationwide Agribusiness President Brad Liggett. “Our hope is to increase education and drive awareness with our business partners and members to help protect and sustain the rural lifestyles associated with farming and commercial agribusiness industries. Together, we can identify and work to eliminate the hazards associated with these businesses to keep people safe.”

Grain Bin Safety Week, organized by Nationwide and sponsored in 2015 by CHS, GSI, South Dakota Wheat Growers and others*, is an annual observance dedicated to increasing awareness of grain bin safety on farms and commercial grain handling facilities. Central to this year’s theme is the critical need for first responders to have access to the specialized rescue training and equipment they need if someone becomes entrapped or engulfed in a grain bin.

“Thank You, Nationwide.”

In 2015, 300 fire departments were nominated to win a rescue tube. The winners were chosen jointly by representatives of Nationwide, the No. 1 farm insurer, and the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety:

Here are examples of the appreciative comments they’ve shared with us:

  • "The training has been great. I never realized grain bin incidents caused so many deaths. At waist-deep, I was surprised I wasn't able to move. Our community will feel safer knowing we have this equipment. We are now better prepared to handle grain emergencies.” – Rick Cushman, fire chief in Cooperstown, North Dakota
  • "We have growing farm operations and numerous bins in and around our community. The tube we've won isn't going to sit in the corner. And when the call goes out in another department, we'll be there to help." – Matt Webb, assistant fire chief in Glenville, Minnesota
  • “Winning the rescue tube and training has taken a huge fundraising burden off of us and has freed up dollars that can be used elsewhere.” – Eric Erstad, fire chief in Badger, South Dakota

* Other 2015 GBSW contributors included ABIS, KC Supply Co., KFSA, The Mennel Milling Company, The Scoular Company, Sukup, Sump Saver, Farm Safety For Just Kids and the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety (NECAS). 

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